American Law Track

American law, in depth.

Oregon Law's LL.M. American Law Track is designed for those who would like a greater understanding of the American legal system and its inner workings. As the most flexible of the four LL.M. tracks, you have the freedom to design a course of study that matches your personal needs and interests. 


Understanding US law and legislation is an important part of working on an international level. With an LL.M. in American Law, you will be able to advise on issues relating to transactions within the US or with US-based entities.

Common careers include:

  • Litigator
  • Transactional Attorney
  • In-house Counsel
  • Policy Advisor
  • Business/Trade Lawyer
  • Law Professor


LL.M. General Requirements (Assigned courses or projects in every track)

LL.M. Advanced Persuasive Legal Writing

  • Required for students who hold law degrees from a non-US institution

LL.M. Writing Requirement

  • Can be fulfilled in combination with any course with a writing component

Introduction to American Law and Practice

  • Required for students who hold law degrees from a non-US institution


Track-specific Requirements

The American Law track has no additional requirements other than the general requirements listed above. The remaining credits needed to complete the LL.M. program can be achieved through any of the courses offered at the Law School, unless they are restricted to JD students. In this track you can design a course of study that reflects your interests or career needs.

It should be noted that if you are interested in sitting for the bar exam where allowed, we encourage you to take any offered bar exam courses.

For more information on track-specific requirements for LL.M. American Law, please contact Hadley Underwood at