Business Law Track

Where Law means Business.

Oregon Law's LL.M. Business Law Track is where you can gain expertise in the areas that law intersects with business-- finance, entrepreneurship, estate planning, green business initiatives, intellectual property, sports, and the tax code. Our courses introduce you to a wide array of topics such as contracts, business associations, intellectual property, start-ups, bankruptcy, in-house counsel work, and tax.


As an international business lawyer you’ll have a skill set that includes analytical abilities, strength in research and writing, and knowledge of the difference in the world’s legal systems and learn how these are embedded in international business concepts. With an LL.M. in Business Law from Oregon Law, you may find yourself working in positions at the regional, national, or international level.

Common careers in this field include:

  • Commercial Litigator
  • Corporate Counsel
  • Securities Law Advisor
  • Tax Law Advisor
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Attorney
  • Customs and Trade Advisor


LL.M. General Requirements (Assigned courses or projects in every track)

LL.M. Advanced Persuasive Legal Writing

  • Required for students who hold law degrees from a non-US institution

LL.M. Writing Requirement

  • Can be fulfilled in combination with any course with a writing component

Introduction to American Law and Practice

  • Required for students who hold law degrees from a non-US institution


Track-specific Requirements:

For more information on track-specific requirements for LL.M. Business Law, please contact Hadley Underwood at