Conflict Resolution Careers

Employers increasingly value conflict resolution skills.

A CRES degree gives you a wide range of career options.

Employers increasingly value the skills of our Conflict and Dispute Resolution graduates. As a broad field with fluid boundaries, conflict resolution gives you knowledge and skills that can be applied across many sectors and many professions. From corporate and organizational settings to public policy and legal practice, government and business leaders recognize that effectively managing and resolving conflict is critical to business and personal success.

We are committed to helping our graduates find work. In addition to the support available through the University of Oregon Career Center, we have a Career & Internship Counselor who is dedicated to student career services and internship support.

Find your passion.

Conflict resolution is a broad field without defined boundaries. At its core, it involves facilitating improved social relations through better communication, improved understanding, and effective problem solving. These are skills that can be applied across many sectors and professions. That’s why the Conflict and Dispute Resolution Master’s program offers a wide range of practice areas for you to focus your degree on. You can find out more about each of these areas below, and discover jobs relevant to each area here.


Environmental/Public Policy







Jobs search Tips

Our Internship and Career Counselor Hilary Vos created a list of websites, search terms, and tips in the many different professional areas of interest to our students and alumni. For further assistance or information about our office’s professional development services, please contact Hilary at

CRES Tips for Job-Searching