Juris Doctor Academic Requirements

To receive a Juris Doctor (JD) degree from the University of Oregon School of Law, students must achieve a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 and successfully complete the following:

  • 85 semester credit hours from law courses. Up to five semester-equivalent credits can be taken from University of Oregon graduate program with pre-approval. Students admitted to concurrent masters / JD programs must complete 75 semester credits for the JD, and meet all masters requirements as outlined by the respective department.  No more than 12 credits of distance education courses may be applied towards the JD.
  • Of the 85 credits, 65 semester credits must be graded.
  • Of the 85 credits, 65 semester credits must come from scheduled courses.
  • All required courses
    • Civil Procedure
    • Constitutional Law I
    • Constitutional Law II
    • Contracts
    • Criminal Law
    • Legal Profession
    • Legal Research and Writing I
    • Legal Research and Writing II
    • Property
    • Torts
  • Writing Requirement
    • Experiential Learning Requirement
    • Professional Planning Requirement
    • Diversity Course Requirement
    • Six full-time semesters, or the equivalent of, in attendance (residence) at an ABA accredited Law School

Writing Requirement

During the second or third year of law school each student must satisfactorily complete a rigorous faculty-supervised writing experience.  The writing experience must be completed
as (1) a requirement for a course listed as satisfying the Writing Requirement; (2) independent writing, or
(3) a publishable note or comment for one of the law school’s journals, Oregon Law Review, Oregon Review of International Law or the Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation.

The writing experience must demonstrate extensive research and analysis, original thought, good organization, thorough editing, and a sound understanding of the topic. 

Overview of JD requirements