CRES Career Details


In this area you will focus most prominently on divorce mediation, but will also work on mediating prenuptial agreements, parent/teen mediation, inter-generational disputes, probate and elder issues mediation, family property and family business conflicts, and collaborative law.

  • Dependency/Delinquency Mediator, Children and Family Services, Pima County Juvenile Court, Tucson, AZ.
  • Family Law Facilitator, Superior Court of California, County of Fresno, CA.
  • Family Court Mediator Program Coordinator, Yolo County Superior Court, Woodland, CA.
  • Child Permanency Mediator, The New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, New York, NY.
  • Family Centered Mediator, Children and Youth and Families Department, State of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM.

Environmental/Public Policy

Here, you will use collaborative governance approaches to public decision-making that involves multi-party negotiations to create agreement and resolve conflicts over contentious public issues. Examples include land use, resource management, health care, affordable housing, and transportation. Working in this area, you will use mediation, facilitation, negotiation coaching, training, and project management.

  • Group Facilitator/Mediator (environmental dispute resolution) SRA International, Arlington, VA.
  • Senior Facilitator, Kearns & West, Portland, OR.
  • Public Participation Specialist, California Department of Toxic Substances Control, Chatsworth, CA.
  • Facilitation Associate, EnviroIssues, Seattle, WA and Portland, OR.


As well as the mediation, facilitation, training, and ombuds services that you can apply in any organizational/workplace setting, this practice area includes special education mediation (among parents, their special needs children, school districts, school staff, and teachers), designing and managing peer mediation programs, and violence prevention and anti-bullying programs. 

  • Director of Dispute Resolution, College of Continuing Education, Southern New Hampshire University, Millyard-Manchester, NH.
  • Director, Employment Dispute Resolution, Baltimore County Public Schools, Towson, MD.
  • Mediator, Bureau of Special Education Appeals, Malden, MA.
  • District Ombudsperson, Riverside Unified School District, Riverside, CA.


This area covers economic sectors and institutional contexts, including corporate, nonprofit, health care, education, and government. It is suited to various roles, both internal employee-based and external consultancy, that provide mediation, negotiation, facilitation, training, ombuds services, and conflict management system design. Work in this sector can include HR, risk management, and management roles generally.

  • Conflict Management Specialist Homeland Security, Transportation Security 
  • Administration, Washington DC.
  • Deputy Ombudsman, King County, Seattle, WA.
  • Long Term Care Ombudsman, Legal Aid of Western Ohio, Toledo, OH.
  • Ombudsman/Mediator, Kaiser Permanente, San Francisco, CA.
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Investigator/Mediator, Virginia Attorney General’s Office, Richmond, VA.
  • Equal Opportunity Officer, USAID, Washington DC.


Includes negotiation and mediation of labor relations as well as the mediation of employment-related disputes. Training and negotiation coaching may also be involved.

  • Senior Employee Relations Consultant, Coca-Cola Refreshments, San Diego, CA.
  • Employment Dispute Resolution Consultant, Department of Human Resource Management, State of Virginia, Richmond, VA. 
  • Human Resource Specialist, Employee Relations/Labor Relations, Department of Veterans Affairs, Benefits Administration, Denver, CO.
  • Associate Vice President, Employee & Labor Relations, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA.


Includes work with community mediation centers that provide mediation, training, and community education, as well as community organizing, inter and intra-community dialogues, restorative justice programs, and police/community relations. Work in this area includes mediation, facilitation, case management, nonprofit management, and community organizing and activism.

  • Case Manager, Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center, Bellingham, WA.
  • Bilingual Restorative Justice Case Coordinator, Longmont Community Justice Partnership, Longmont, CO.
  • Program Officer for the Center for Mediation & Conflict Resolution, Washington DC.
  • Executive Director Linn-Benton Mediation Services, Albany, OR.
  • Director of Education, Training, and Schools Programs, Mediation Works, Medford, OR.


Includes a wide range of engagement at many possible levels from on-the-ground people-to-people activities to nongovernmental organizations to diplomatic and government work addressing humanitarian aid and relief work, international development, human rights, and peace and security.

  • Director Human Rights, Vital Voices Global Partnership, Washington DC.
  • Malawi Peace Dividend Trust, Projects Director , Ottawa, Canada.
  • Conflict Prevention Network Capacity Advisor, Timor Leste.
  • Field Director, Genocide Intervention Network, Washington DC.
  • Assistant Director, Boston College, Center for Human Rights & International Justice, Boston, MA.
  • Program Associate, Inter-Agency Task Force on Israeli Arab Issues, New York, NY.


Includes research, writing, theory-building, teaching most commonly in the undergraduate and graduate university context, but also includes opportunities in policy centers and “think tanks.”

  • Assistant Director for International Affairs for the Graduate Programs in Coexistence and Conflict, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA.
  • Head of the Conflict Prevention Program, The Hague Institute for Global Justice, The Netherlands.
  • Director, Joan B. Kroc School for Peace & Justice, Joan B. Kroc Institute of Peace Studies, University of California San Diego, San Diego, CA.
  • Visiting Professorship in Education for Sustainable Peace, The Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research, Braunschweig, Germany.