Appropriate Dispute Resolution and Environmental and Natural Resources: Partnering to Protect

Environmental Conflict Resolution (ECR) is absolutely essential at all levels of government and society throughout the world.  There is increasing strain under the growing severity of issues ranging from endangered species protection to global warming to environmental justice. This demands that attorneys and other practitioners possess a specific set of skills to deftly resolve environmental conflicts The University of Oregon School of Law provides a uniquely specialized education though its world-class programs in both Environmental and Natural Resources Law (ENR) and Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR). Together, these centers offer students a unique opportunity to learn while effectuating positive change in the world.

Student Opportunities


Joint ADR/ENR Fellowship


The ENR and ADR Centers partner to guide students who are interested in ECR in a year-long fellowship program.  Students research relevant issues in ECR, help plan events and activities for the student body, and assist professors in curriculum-building and course design. To apply, follow the application instructions located here.

Public Policy Collaborative Governance Training 
Collaborative Governance is a term used to describe a variety of processes in which stakeholders representing a wide range of interests are convened to work together to achieve mutually agreeable solutions. This intensive training, provided through a partnership with the National Policy Consensus Center, teaches students specific skills and techniques to facilitate a consensus-based decision-making process to resolve public issues.