Transactional Business Law Concentration

A concentration in Transactional Business Law will provide you with specialized knowledge of legal procedures related to the regulation of businesses, corporations, and organizations. Additionally, in completing this concentration you will gain highly sought-after research, accounting, and legal expertise.

If you are seeking to study the management and internal control of large and small-scale business in greater depth, you may also want to take courses in the University’s Graduate School of Management, or to pursue the JD/MBA concurrent degree program.     


Group A Courses – Must satisfactorily complete the following courses:

  • LAW 627 Accounting for Lawyers*
  • LAW 648 Bankruptcy
  • LAW 620 Business Associations
  • LAW 680 Federal Income Tax I
  • LAW 636 Secured Transactions (or Fundamentals of Loans)

*Or demonstrate competence in the fundamentals of financial and managerial accounting to the satisfaction of the concentration committee members (Professors Bjerre, Coles-Bjerre, Illig, Manesh, Mann and Shurtz). Students that are not required to complete Accounting for Lawyers must complete 5 Group B courses below. 

Group B Courses – Must satisfactorily complete four (4) of the following courses:

  • LAW 626 Mergers and Acquisitions
  • LAW 733 Advanced Uniform Commercial Code
  • LAW 625 Business Bankruptcy
  • LAW 633 Business Planning
  • LAW 634 Contract Drafting
  • LAW 660 Employment Law
  • LAW 681 Federal Income Tax II
  • LAW 642 International Business Transactions
  • LAW 635 Real Estate Transactions
  • LAW 632 Sales
  • LAW 665 Securities Regulation
  • LAW 734 Start-Up Businesses

In addition to completing the curriculum listed above, you must write a high quality professional academic research paper on a topic of business law. You must receive advance approval of the paper topic from a faculty member of the Transactional Business Law Committee.